Rules of cooperation for retail distributors

The platform for wholesale purchases of dietary supplements, herbs and natural vitamins, minerals and aromatherapy bioU in the Internet domain is operated by the company bioU Sp. z o.o. registered in the National Court Register (KRS) 0000917650.

The company is registered at ul. Dąbrowszczaków 2 lok. 43, 03-474 Warsaw and has been assigned NIP number 1133039645 and REGON number 38976954900000.

Start of cooperation:

  1. The platform is intended for business users and requires self-registration/log-in at
  2. Access to the commercial offer is possible after positive verification - after registration users are accepted by the administrators of the bioU wholesaler, and account activation is confirmed by appropriate feedback in the form of an email message (at the moment we do not undertake cooperation with private persons, unregistered businesses, business accelerators/incubators and foreign entities)
  3. bioU reserves the right not to start/stop cooperating with entities with unregulated billing situation towards both the owner of bioU brand and key business partners of the bioU wholesaler.
  4. By registering in the bioU wholesale business the user acknowledges and agrees to verification of the entity in the business information offices, entities from the banking and financial sector, business intelligence agencies and similar institutions.
  5. First orders (and until the turnover exceeds PLN 10,000 net and a minimum of three full monthly billing cycles have elapsed) are processed on the basis of prepayment or the so-called "download".
  6. Offering and selling products on marketplace platforms (such as Allegro, Amazon etc.) requires separate individual written consent from bioU and may incur additional costs.
  7. The bioU trading platform provides one-time access to an integration file (CSV/TXT) to automate the process of inserting the bioU offer on the partner's sales page - access to the file is granted on an individual basis and involves a fee of PLN 300 net. The fee may be reimbursed to the partner in the form of a discount to orders after exceeding a turnover of PLN 10,000 net.
  8. The bioU trading platform provides access to an XML file enabling the integration and automation of sales processes - access to the file is granted individually and is connected with additional costs/monthly subscription in the amount of PLN 300 net. The monthly subscription fee is subject to an individual discount of up to 90% - the granting of the discount depends on the turnover generated by the partner and his compliance with the rules of cooperation.
  9. The presented rules also apply to partners interested in cooperation in the "dropshipping" model (the exception is the abolition of the logistical minimum); additional conditions are provided for dropshipping partners - after registering and activating your account, please send questions about dropshipping services to

Rules for ongoing cooperation:

All commercial conditions, discounts and added values are dedicated only to entities that have a consistent commercial policy with bioU.

  1. The minimum wholesale order amount is 300 PLN net, the logistical minimum does not apply to Dropshipping partners.
  2. Orders placed and paid for (including so-called "downloads") by 11:00 a.m. on a working day are completed and dispatched the same day
  3. Processing of orders is subject to payment of all current liabilities (paid invoices and receivables)
  4. Each time an invoice is not paid on time, the next 5 orders will be processed on a prepaid or COD basis.
  5. In the case of exceeding the amount limit of PLN 2,000 net of issued, unpaid invoices (the so-called open invoices making up the current trade credit) the user is obliged to make payment before placing further orders.
  6. Invoices are issued with a payment term of 7 days.
  7. Prepaid orders via bank transfer will be rewarded with additional discount calculated and taken into account automatically by the bioU wholesale system.
  8. bioU accepts complaints at the latest within 1 working day from the moment of receipt of the consignment with the goods and on the same day in case of personal collection of the order.
  9. Complaints related to the damage of the consignment by the carrier require in each case the completion of an appropriate protocol with a representative of the delivery company (we will ask you to provide the correctly completed protocol with the carrier to the bioU service)
  10. Complaints related to the return of goods are accepted only in the case of sending products that do not comply with the order; we would like to draw your attention to the expiry dates of the preparations (available each time on the page of the given product; comments and suggestions on this matter are accepted only before placing the order).
  11. The cost of packaging and shipment of the goods is to be borne by the user placing the order at the bioU wholesaler.
  12. Free shipping within Poland: orders exceeding a value of 600 PLN gross are shipped free of charge - bioU covers the costs of packaging and logistics.
  13. In the case of parcels not collected by the recipient, the logistics costs (the parcel route there and back) are re-invoiced to the recipient.
    In other cases, the delivery price list applies - the final delivery amount is calculated automatically in the basket summary.
  14. The bioU wholesaler offers delivery of orders in options:
  •  free of charge personal collection (possible in the bioU head office, exact address and map in the contact section; the bioU wholesaler's staff will each time confirm to the user in a separate e-mail that the order is ready for collection)
  • shipment by courier (also so-called cash on delivery, payable upon receipt)
  • shipment by parcel service InPost (also known as cash on delivery, payable on delivery)
  • shipping on the customer's own consignment note is also possible. Courier collection of parcels in a fixed cycle is carried out for bioU by parcel service providers DHL, ORLEN Paczka, Paczkomaty and InPost courier. Parcel packets must nevertheless be sent in the "I send a parcel in a parcel machine myself" mode with the indicated WAW105M 


The bioU provides for additional discounts based on the monthly turnover generated. The discounts are granted on the basis of the monthly turnover declared in advance (declarations are accepted no later than on the last day of the preceding month) and are granted on request at the end of the accounting month in the form of discounts on purchases (discount codes) in the following cycle. The discount granted is valid until the end of the month following that for which it was granted. Discounts are combined with discounts for prepayment and free shipping of orders and current product promotions.

  • with a monthly turnover of more than PLN 75,000 net - a 2% discount on the next month of cooperation; the amount will be rounded up to the nearest ten zloty 
  • with a monthly turnover of more than PLN 125,000 net - a quota discount granted for the next month of cooperation in the amount of 3% of the generated turnover; the amount will be rounded up to the nearest whole 10 PLN
  • with a monthly turnover exceeding PLN 250,000 net - a quota discount granted for the next month of cooperation in the amount of 5% of the generated turnover; the amount will be rounded up to the nearest whole ten zloty


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